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Rempel Museum
Green Synagogue Hebrew record 
6th-Sep-2008 04:12 pm
2015 май, Макс улыбающийся

Our connection to MaHaRaL comes from a single document that I received from my relative Ziska Jafet,.


rodoslovnaya Yafeta na ivrite_s

A page from a book on Latvia Jewry citing the scripture from Green Synagogue

Ziska born in Resekne in 1919, survived the war in Russia and lived in Resekne until 70s, in 70s moved to Israel, where he lives now with a big family. Ziska speaks Yiddish, Russian and some Hebrew. Ziska is a great grandson of Aaron Azriel Jafet. Garav Aaron Azriel JAFET (1810 (appr.) -1861) was the head of the Resekne rabbinic court and the Rabbi in Green Synagogue in Resekne, and was the father of another Ziska (Zisl) JAFET (appr. 1830-appr.1880), who was the father of Azriel JAFET (1880-1937), the director of school, who was the father of .Ziska (Zisl, Alex) JAFET (b. appr. 1919). Ziska grew up in pre-war Rezekne and was fully immersed in Jewish life before the war. Both Ziska and his father Azriel, the respected director of Rezekne school attended Green Synagogue. The Green Synagogue was known to be build some time before by their respected relative Yimyanitov, who had houses along the street where Green Synagogue is located. The old books of Gemar in the Sinagogue also belonged to Yimyanitov. One of the Gemar Books had a handwritten inscription that was tracing genealogy of Rabbi Aaron Azriel JAFET to Maharal of Prague. Every new generation added their record to this inscription. Ziska's father copied the inscription and gave it to the author of the book on history of Jews in Latvia. A friend of Ziska found this page (above) and made a copy for Ziska.

Here is the line connecting Jafet line to Maharal as described in Hebrew text.

  • MaHaRaL of Prague
  • daughter married Rabbie Yosif Yoska the head of the (Dubno or Lublin?) rabbinic court, Rabbi of all Diaspora.
  • Reb Tsvi Sabal (or Tsvi Hersh?) the kabbalist
  • Gaon, tsadik Moshe
  • Gaon Kabbalist Yudul, the head of Kael (Kayuk?)court and region
  • Head of Rabbinic Court and of Yeshiva of Minsk - Galil Shmilevich of shtetl Pierda
  • Moisha ZE'EV VOLF  the head of Minsk and Smolensk Region, later of Fiod. region
  • Akiva  the head of the Borisov rabbinic court.
  • Shlomo 
  • Menachem Nohum
  • Abraham Itsak KATZ
  • Rabbi Garav Aaron Azriel YAFET

I checked the available information on Internet and found that some connections  are mentioned elsewhere. I also tried to reconstruct the years in this line to see if they make sense.

  • Yehuda LOEW, the Maharal of Prague (1525-1609) married Perla Shmelkes. For genealogy, see N'tiv Hoalom. Children: Rabbi Betzalel Loewe, Vogele Bezalel, Rachel Lowe.
  • Tila LOEW, the 5th Maharal's daughter married Rabbie Yosif Yoska (b. appr. 1540), the head of the Dubno rabbinic court.
  • Reb Tsvi Sabal (b. appr. 1570), the kabbalist
  • Gaon, tsadik Moshe (b. appr. 1600)
  • Yehuda Yudul (b. appr. 1630), the head of Kael court and region
  • Moisha ZE'EV VOLF (b. appr. 1660) - the Jewish head of Minsk and Smolensk Region, later of Fiod. reg.
  • Akiva (b. appr. 1685), the head of the Borisov rabbinic court.
  • Shlomo (b. appr. 1710)
  • Menachem Nohum 
  • Abraham Itsak KATZ (b. appr. 1780)
  • Rabbi Garav Aaron Azriel YAFET (1810 (appr.) -1861), the head of the Resekne rabbinic court.

This reconstruction of dates seem to make sense - I didn't find any obvious gaps or mistakes.

I would like also to note that the sources I found were substantially different ( in wording and details) from the scripture from Green Synagogue so it can be concluded that they come from different sources and don't cite each other. At the same time, they don't contradict each other in main links. Thus the existing evidence supports the correctness of the Green Synagogue record.

13th-Sep-2008 01:42 am (UTC) - Зиска - Саша
Саша после войны жил в Риге (не в Резекне) и оттуда уехал в Израиль.
16th-Sep-2008 02:06 pm (UTC) - Re: Зиска - Саша
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